Our Mission

In 2014, long time friends and music industry veterans AJ McLean and Jordan Omley began talks of creating a platform to help make a positive difference in people’s lives. It’s somewhat of a cliché, of course, as everyone wants to change the world and make it a better, safer place. More often than not, these well intended plans fail to manifest, as ideas seem to outnumber the actions needed to make them a reality.

Despite the odds, McLean and Omley remained committed to creating something that could stretch across the world, something that could inspire people to get involved, something that stood for the most simple and pure ideal: helping people.

To this end, Live Together Foundation was born. Unlike most foundations that seek to raise money and awareness for a single cause, LTF sets out to raise money and awareness for individuals, families or communities who need help, regardless of the circumstances driving the needs.

Leveraging their personal and professional connections as well as the millions of Backstreet Boys’ fans worldwide, Mclean and Omley plan to search for anyone they know that deserves or needs help. Maybe it’s a friend that can’t afford medical bills. Maybe it’s a single mother who just lost her job and is one step away from being out on the street. Maybe it’s the small town star athlete permanently injured right before their full-ride scholarship kicked in, leaving them without the means to earn a higher education. Maybe it’s someone you know.

This is a foundation for the people. It is a non-profit organization that will rely on social media to highlight those in need around the world. Though it will be focused on helping individuals in need, LTF’s reach will extend to larger collectives. Some communities may need clean water and food. Some may need better schools. Others may need safer parks and recreational areas for children to be able to play outside. The Live Together Foundation will raise money to help make a practical difference in the lives of those in need.

Starting in March of 2015, the LTF will reach out to the fans in Los Angeles, where McLean and Omley reside, and ask the people to log onto the foundations’ website and nominate a family that they believe needs help. Then, one family will be selected and money will be raised to assist them in their needs. We want people to see firsthand what a difference their contribution can make and be a part of the HELP movement. McLean and Omley will visit the family and film their story. We want the fans to know that they are helping to make a real impact on these family’s lives. The footage and amazing stories will be released on the foundation website in order to continue to inspire others to help the cause. Then, city to city, country to country, the foundation will continue to reach out to people and ask them what they need.

This foundation is unique, as it’s the first of its kind to let people guide us where we need to be. It’s time for fans to speak up! Reach out and let us know where we can make a difference. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, and the Live Together Foundation is here to lend that hand.