The beauty of Eastern European women is a thing of legend in western culture. These women are some of the most attractive beings. Russian women are no exception: they are famous for their gorgeous athletic bodies.

However, men from the West are often worried about falling in love with Russian brides due to the apparent differences in worldview. They also assume that these women have a strong and unbreakable attachment to their ‘motherland’.

So, this write-up will help you debunk most of these myths about Russian brides and provide foreign men with tips on dating these beauties.

What makes Russian Brides special?

Before going into detail about Russian brides, let’s discuss their country.

Russia is one of the largest countries in terms of landmass, covering parts of Eastern Europe and Asia. Contrary to common misconceptions, the country is multicultural, with people from different cultures, creeds, and of various worldviews.

Some of the most famous Russian women are supermodels, athletes, and actresses. Some famous names include Maria Sharapova, Svetlana Khorkina, and Irina Shayk. These ladies are world-renowned symbols of beauty and athleticism. Let’s take a look at other characteristics that set Russian women aside from their contemporaries.

Russian brides are good mothers

Russia is a matriarchal society, which means that women can take charge of affairs at home. As a result, any Russian wife has all the necessary skills to perform her duties as a mother. The hot Russian brides are devoted to raising their kids with ultimate love and care.

They have strong family values

In Russia, the family system is close-knit. Girls from Russia love to visit their parents’ dachas, especially during the holiday seasons. Russian wives also spend plenty of time talking to their moms and babushkas

They take excellent care of the home

Although most young Russian brides are career-oriented, they devote ample time to their domestic duties. Your Russian wife will regularly cook for you and strive to make the home comfy. This is a core aesthetic value of Russian culture.

They are beautiful fashionistas

Women in Russia cover a vast spectrum in terms of appearance. While most of them are blue-eyed blonde beauties, others have darker skin with dark hair. Thus, there is a wide variety from which you can choose a potential bride. 

Furthermore, we have already mentioned that Russian brides are some of the most beautiful women in Europe. So, it is no surprise that the runways of Milan and Paris are full of Russian models. Even in Russian cities, there is a massive probability of seeing various dazzling ‘10s’ while taking a casual evening stroll.

Russian brides are ambitious

Women in Russia have grand dreams, which is why they don’t hesitate to travel to European megacities in search of brighter prospects.  

Russian brides value traditions

Russians are very proud people who value their traditions and values. Russian wives are often willing to partake in religious and national holidays. Moreover, Russian cuisine is exquisite, with pirozhki and borsch being the main delicacies. 

Russian brides love to have fun

Don’t listen to those who claim that Russian brides are boring since this is far from the truth. Russian girls never pass on an opportunity for a night out, a walk in the park, or a sing-off at the karaoke. They are also great ‘social’ drinkers.

Why do Russian brides seek foreign husbands?

A question that might be going through your mind is, ‘how can I find Russian brides for marriage?’ The answer is: if you are out there, they will find you!

Russian girls willingly become brides in the hopes of marrying a European husband. In the past decade, more young Russian brides are opening up to the possibility of settling down with men outside their culture. Here are some of the reasons for this:

  1. Economic instability — relations between Russia and the West seem to be strained to the extreme, leading to limited economic cooperation. As a result, Russian brides prefer to marry a foreigner since it guarantees them love and stability in a Western country.  
  2. Women’s rights — despite the matriarchal nature of Russian society, women are still victims of abuse. Consequently, single Russian brides prefer dating men from countries with a more tolerant view of individual rights.
  3. Fascination with the West — recently, women from Russia have become more open about moving to other European and American cities due to the influence of Hollywood and pop-culture. They also adopt mannerisms of other western women and dress like them. Moreover, since they are rare gems in these cities, they have a higher chance of realizing their dreams of becoming models or athletes.

It is also important to note that these women are not Russian brides for sale, but consenting adults who have decided to seek love outside their culture. 

How to find Russian brides

Before you start considering traveling to Moscow or Saint Petersburg to meet single Russian brides, you need to pay attention to the following details:

  1. The language barrier can be a challenge
  2. Some cities in Russia are not so foreigner-friendly
  3. Russian winters and summers are extremely harsh
  4. Russia is really far: take a look at the map
  5. There’s no guarantee you’ll find your Russian wife even if you visit the country

Therefore, to sidestep these hurdles, you need to use a platform where you can meet real Russian brides. A great alternative to traveling is using Russian brides dating sites to find your crush.

Notably, russian dating sites provide you with the opportunity to meet Russian brides online without leaving your home. 

Are Russian Brides legal?

Of course, all the brides are of legal age. All the girls go through a verification process to ascertain their age and ensure that they join the community of their volition. 

But to be on the safe side, you have to ensure that the dating service you are using is legit and considerate of the women’s privacy. You also need to go through any russian brides review you can find to evaluate the overall user experience and customer satisfaction.

Is Russian Brides real?

All the Russian brides on display are real women. You can contact them via any available means of communication. More so, you can only find Russian brides for marriage on reliable Russian dating platforms.

For security reasons, we advise against any form of monetary transactions until you are convinced that she is the right fit for you.

How to date Russian brides 

Due to the multicultural composition of most Russian cities, you can find women that are similar to Western women. However, that is as far as the comparison goes – Russian brides present a different challenge when it comes to dating.

Take a look at some of the things you should do before going out with a hot Russian bride:

  1. Make the first move. Russians don’t smile at strangers. In short, they might tell you to ‘take a hike’ outrightly at first. But with ‘polite’ persistence, you can get them to like you in no time.
  2. Don’t ever discuss politics. Russian brides are well-versed in history and politics. So, not only will you lose the discussion, but it will probably take a sour turn.
  3. Russian brides are not shy. They will kiss and hug you publicly. If you repel their advances, you are in deep trouble because they will sulk for the rest of the day.
  4. A bouquet can always calm her down when she is mad at you. You can also surprise your Russian wife with nice flowers.
  5. Russian wives love walks in the parks, picnics, hikes, and cycling tours. Devote some time to fun activities with your Russian bride, even if it is once in a while.
  6. Learn her language. Although most young Russian brides know how to converse in English (at least to some extent), they appreciate it when foreigners attempt to speak Russian.

To sum up, Russian brides make the best wives of all the Slavic nations. They are good home-makers who value tradition and history. They might take some effort to woo, but they are a lot of fun to have around. Start your search today by reaching out to Russian brides on any trustworthy dating site.