Founded by Jordan Omley, Live together is a college educational project. All these years, we have developed without government support, sponsorship, and borrowed funds, relying only on our own resources.

The project has a concrete purpose: to teach what knowledge, skills, and abilities graduates should possess, what their portfolio should consist of, where they can work, in which contests they can participate and win, etc. Thus, we are talking about the quality of each program and indicate that this quality should constantly grow.

Quality is the most important part of education, which is very little talked about and is very expensive. Academic quality applies to all aspects of education – to teachers on the course, to resources students study, to opportunities available to them, to services provided, and to experience they can get. All of this can be measured and constantly improved. That, in fact, is the whole secret – the continuous improvement of all processes over time.

There are educational projects that work in order to receive a large grant or state support for several years, win a tender, or just for PR. We chose a different path, and it was a deliberate strategy. All this time, we live only on the money that we receive for our professional activities, which means that our product must respond to market demand.

About ‘education together’ foundation experience

We have always used international experience, monitored, collaborated, formed joint programs, and several times passed the validation of universities. Thanks to this, we have accumulated international expertise in the field of education in the creative industries. These are a lot of international academic partners and the most diverse forms of interaction between the colleges.

The credible university consists of high-level professionals. And this applies to all areas: from management and operational processes to marketing, HR, and interactive design.

One of the most difficult tasks of modern education is the integration and work with the motivation of practitioners from the industry for systematic work. The university teaches more than 700 people who combine core business and teaching. 

Our experience shows that successful professionals are ready to share experience and spend time if you create the right environment for them and give them new horizons for implementation. And, of course, it is important to provide experts with effective teaching tools to help them adapt to the educational environment and their new role.

As you know, money is just a tool, and not the ultimate goal, especially in terms of education. Since this is still a socially oriented business, the project should change people’s lives for the better. Let it be a change of their career path which will allow them to get a dream profession, or the opportunity to see themselves in the credits of the project. We are working on the project for this, and not for money. We can live together to make a difference, so let’s do this today!